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Our approach

thinklink is on a mission to make partnerships easy, exciting, innovative and impactful.

We facilitate partnerships that move our clients forward.

Partnerships are often seen as complex vehicles for delivering practical solutions, but they often miss the mark. They are transactional at best, losing out on the opportunities that exist. At thinklink, we see our clients as partners. We integrate a host of benefits into the partnership from the start, such as sharing our knowledge and skills. We co-create a strategy of engagement that impacts key areas of the business. This strategy includes a partner mapping process that maps out potential partners across the different industries – locally and internationally. We then open up discussions with potential partners based on the mission of the entity and our client partner’s matching criteria.

We help our clients prepare for every engagement with a potential partner. We look for common understanding, values, mission, learning and development in every engagement. Once a partnership has been formed, we support the magic that happens through a strong foundation of engagement, transparency and common understanding. We help all parties to see the possibilities that exist.

Making a positive change in society is important to us, as per the United Nations Sustainabilty Development Goals.  We want to help build partnerships that matter so we can make a positive impact on society in a direct or indirect way, i.e. start-ups, NGOs, innovative entrepreneurs, corporates and pretty much anyone who has an impact vision that can result in a positive ripple effect for good.

View our case studies to understand how we think, how we strategise and how we bring together the right partners to achieve success. 

Meet the team

Nishen Naicker

Founder and Chief Partnership Officer

In 2020, Nishen started noticing how partnerships were more transactional in nature, limiting their own boundless potential. This sparked him to establish thinklink to promote and connect the right partnerships, helping them garner the full value they can bring for all actors in society.

Nishen is a collaboration practitioner and rainmaker, passionate about convening globally inclusive development dialogues with corporates, entrepreneurs, start-ups, impact investors, philanthropists, and governments to catalyse social change. He comes with over 12 years’ experience in building remarkable partnerships and raising over half a billion rand worth of funding from the social investment ecosystem for impactful projects. He is passionate about open innovation, innovative financing, the use of  technology and working with teams to design BIG ideas to move things forward at scale.

Ayanda Tito

Partnership Managing Director

Ayanda is an award winning, development and collaboration practitioner. She has more than 10 years’ experience in developing sustainable strategies for Corporate Social Investment. Her skill set also include project management, developing and managing employee volunteer programs, budget management, monitoring and evaluation, stakeholder management, as well as managing BBBEE for Economic Social Development and the Financial Education pillars.

She believes that seeking out partnerships that matter allows thinklink to expand skillsets, resources, and offerings to create value. Ayanda adores the beauty of a good partnership, and how it brings different entities together to build something creative and fresh.

thinklink is a 100% black-owned company,
a BBBEE level one contributor.

thinklink works across private, public, and civil society spaces. We believe that these three actors are inextricably linked and should partner together to create long-lasting impact.

We have helped our local and international partners to deliver impactful projects across different sectors, including:

–  Health
–  Social Justice
–  Renewable Energy
–  Financial inclusion
–  Community Development
–  Emergency responses
–  Safety & Violence Prevention
–  Fact-checking

"In the long history of humankind those who learned to collaborate and improvise most effectively have prevailed."

Charles Darwin

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