What we do

As a United Nations supporter, driving Sustainable Development Goal 17, thinklink partners with projects that matter and make a positive impact on society. We connect businesses and entities with big ideas – and new thinking. We solve problems. We get involved. We support their journeys. By working in this manner, we’re not only helping our clients achieve their goals, but we’re making a positive impact on the targets set for UNSDGs 2030.

thinklink offers its clients a host of services that support and enable them to launch new initiatives, strengthen existing ones or to scale existing projects. We understand that to be successful in any of these initiatives, our clients require the right partners, financial assistance, resources, skills and knowledge.

thinklink works with  a wide spectrum of clients. We create solutions for  individuals who need training, NPOs in need of funds, start-ups in search of the right partners to large corporations in need of a solid corporate social investment strategy.

Our key service offerings

Capacity Building and Training
With this service, we help our clients build the necessary skills required to understand the power of partnerships, strategy development, fundraising and partnership cultivation. We empower them with the knowledge to make their strategies and business plans come to life in their chosen markets.
thinklink offers the following training for this service:
  • Partnership and engagement strategy development
  • Partnership mapping
  • Fundraising and resource mobilization
  • Innovative finance and income generation
  • Engagement strategies and effective pitch decks
  • Preparing for any eventuality – questions and responses
  • Proposal writing
  • Follow-up cultivation
Partnership and Engagement Strategy Development
This service enables us to co-create a concise engagement strategy with our clients, to take their ideas, projects and initiatives to market and investors. Our work in these areas cover CSI strategy development that incorporates input from all staff, utilising a townhall virtual session approach. We help all entities think about connections and engagement with potential partners.
thinklink offers the following strategic services:
  • Inclusive CSI strategy development
  • Fundraising strategy development
  • Partnership and donor mapping
  • Funding sources and diversification
  • Targets and building a pipeline
  • Follow-ups and cultivation strategy
  • Strategy implementation support
Direct Acquisition Fundraising and Support
With this service, we help our clients access funding and capital for their desired projects, start-ups, initiatives and ideas. Drawing on the strategy developed, thinklink actively seeks investors, backers and donors for our clients. We provide support throughout the engagement process, from the preparation, pitching process, presenting concept notes and proposals to secure investments, and cultivating partnerships. We draw on innovative finance business models, such as grants, donations, equity, patient capital, impact bonds, crowdfunding and many more feasible options. These are all dependent on the needs of our clients and the nature of the funds required.
thinklink offers the following comprehensive network services:
  • Coaching and mentorship
  • Monitoring and evaluation
  • Mental Health and psychosocial support services
  • Entity and business registrations
  • Communication coaching
  • Partnership SLA and SOW Contracts 
Past work

The Centre for the Study of
Violence and Reconciliation